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Wahoo Climbing Mission Zwift 2022

The Wahoo climbing mission was announced in a press release back in December of 2021. This mission will mark the return of missions on Zwift! We haven’t seen a mission for awhile now, and Zwifters love challenges and carrots to chase! The goal is to climb 20,000 ft(6,096m) during the challenge. There will be opportunity…

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Twilight Harbor Zwift Details

Zwift game release 1.21 included this new route, which is similar to Neokyo crit course in the sense that it is a pretty short route and pretty flat. The route begins at the harbor pen, then goes around in a short loop. The route goes through the Alley sprint as its only segment. This best…

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Zwift Update January 1.21 Released!

This update mainly includes two new routes, Castle to Castle and Twighlight Harbor. Details for Twighlight harbor will be releasing soon. The update is currently out on all platforms, so update your games! The update included numerous bug fixes, the new workout of the week, and support for the upcoming Wahoo Climbing Mission. One note…

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