Tron Bike
        Today I got the tron bike after climbing a ton in the past few months. I found that the best way to get the tron bike for me was to climb about 1,500ft a day. That would get me the tron bike in roughly 100 days. After being on Zwift for over a year I have learned a lot of things. One thing I recommend is to never do a different challenge. While doing a challenge other than the Mt Everest challenge the elevation that you climb does not count towards the tron bike. In my first half year on Zwift, the only challenge I did was the Tour of California challenge. While doing this challenge I lost 23,000ft that could have gone towards the tron bike. Some cyclist enjoy climbing more than others. I enjoy climbing (that is the only thing that kept me going). If you do not enjoy climbing I recommend doing either the California challenge or the Italy challenge (you must lvl 10+ to do the Italy challenge).
Here are some pictures from today\’s ride

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