My Buying Guide for my future on Zwift


    I recently created this plan of the bikes and wheels that I am going to buy during my future on Zwift. This plan has an estimated number of drops I will receive at each level. I thought you guys might like to see it! I hope you enjoy! The part in bold is my current plan. The plan the is not bold is one of my other alternative plans.

Buying the Ventum with Enve 8.9s Then buy the Venge-S-works with disc wheel

Lvl 31=1mill drops

Minus 687,000=223,000

Lvl 32=823,000


Minus 798,000=325,000

Lvl 34=925,000

Lvl 35=1,225,000

Minus 1,000,000=225,000 plus 125k from leveling up= 350,000

If I buy the cervelo(already bought), with 8.9s and disc wheel later on

Lvl 31= 500,000

Lvl 32=800,000

lvl= 33= 1,000,000

lvl = 34 = 1,600,000

lvl=35= 1,900,000

Buy disc wheel=900,000 remaining. With 1,000,000 I could buy venge-s works, or ventum, or felt AR. 800,000 plus 1 mill plus 200,000 plus 600,000

    I hope you enjoyed viewing my plan! This plan was based off the estimate of 1,000 drops every mile. If you have any suggestions of things I should buy instead, please leave it in the comments section below! I hope every one stays safe and healthy. Thanks for reading!

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