My Favorite Bike

My Favorite Bike

        Your favorite bike may be different, but mine is the one of the fastest tt bike. With one of the most deep wheels in Zwift.
        You can probably go at least 37miles mph going down a 8 percent hill. This frame is Cervélo P5x with an Zipp 858 disc wheel set. The 858 disc wheel is faster than 808 disc wheel. The Cervélo P5x is faster than the Cervélo P5. This frame and these wheels look so cool together but to make you look even cooler you should put use the bell haven(helmet). To look even cooler you could use the level 50 jersey. Then you look awesome. But after you get tired of using a tt bike, use a bike that can\’t be unlocked which is the tron bike. Since you can\’t equipt wheels because it automatly equips it, use any cap and a level fifty jersey. I think when I get the tron bike I will also make the color orange or yellow.  The P5x may cost a lot of drops but it is the 2nd fastest tt bike on Zwift.

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