Flat Friday

    Today while we were doing the first edition of mountain monday, someone mentioned something about a flat route. I started thinking about any other things I could do that were like mountain monday. Friday was perfect because it started with an F, and it is on Friday, which is the end of the weekdays and the start of the weekend. I figured people would want something flat, and at an easy social pace. So I put it at around 2wkg. This event will happen every friday. If you would like to join and if you were not already invited but want to join, please leave a comment with your name so that I can invite. This event happens at 8:30am, California time. Thanks for reading! Ride on! Any questions comment below!

Zwift expands into the desert with Fuego Flats | road.cc

8 thoughts on “Flat Friday

  1. I was thinking of doing like a time trial thing on tuesday, but it is right after mountain monday and some riders might not be fully recovered. Elliott should be holding a TTT sometime soon though. Thanks for the suggestion though. I was thinking that we could slowly work our way up to the bigger climbs, such as quatch quest or four horseman. You could also leave some suggestions of climbs we could do for mountain monday, or also some flat routes we could do for flat friday. Thanks!


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