3 toughest routes on Zwift

    On Zwift there are hundreds of routes, some are short, and some are extremely long. Here is a list of the top ten toughest routes on Zwift. Note: This is not counting the new world, France.

    Coming in first for the toughest route is… The PRL full. The PRL full is the longest route in zwift. This route is 107.5 miles long with about 8,100 ft of climbing. This route can take anywhere from 6-10+ hours. This is by far the toughest route on Zwift.

    Not too far behind first is the Uber Pretzel. This route covers every route in Watopia aside from the mountain bike route. This route is 79.7 miles long with almost 8,000 ft of climbing. This route is the second longest route and has the second most climbing. It can take anywhere from 4 hours to 9+.

    Third is the yet another route in watopia, the mega pretzel. The mega pretzel covers almost all of watopia. This route is almost 67 miles long with around 5,000 ft of climbing. Note: There will be a more expanded list of toughest routes when France is released. If this list had one more slot, the route Ven-Top would easily earn the spot.

    Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the article, maybe you will tackle these grueling routes someday! Please continue telling others about the blog, I will be publishing articles daily :). Feel free to leave a comment below with any other routes you think could be some of the hardest routes.

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