7 days of tarmac SL7!!!!!

    Zwift has just announced a new event series called the 7 days of Tarmac SL7. Could this mean it could be a new bike in Zwift? Probably. This event starts on August 10th. If you finish all three stages you will unlock the Specialized SL Pro kit. You will also get a chance to win the all new Specialized Tarmac SL7 Pro bike in real life. This bike was just released a few days ago. Zwift will probably make the new bike available in the next update, hopefully coming soon. More details about the stages and what routes will be out soon in a different post. I think this will be an amazing event and the specialized SL7 is one cool bike! I hope they release this bike soon. Ride On! Here is a link to the event, https://zwift.com/events/series/7-days-of-tarmac-sl7. For further detail, use the link that is given. The link also has the dates and time of the event. You can also find the dates and times using the zwift companion app. It has just been released that the bike will be in the drop shop in the next update, it will be at lvl 15 and 674,000 drops.

A Look at Specialized\'s Tarmac SL7 Road Bike | Sigma Sports

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