All about zwifts new Tarmac sl7

     Yesterday the new bike, the Tarmac sl7 was released on zwift. This article contains speed tests results that I found on zwift insider, it also contains other details about the bike. I hope you enjoy the article!

    The SL7 is currently the 4th fastest climbing bike in the overall ranking. It beats the Amira by a few seconds. On the flats the bike is just behind the aero chapter 2 bike. This bike performs pretty well on the climbs but it is 12 seconds slower than the venge s works disc. Note: the bike is unlocked at level 5 and costs 674,000 drops. Overall it is an awesome bike for flat and climbs.

    This bike is a pretty cool bike. One of my favorite parts about it is the paint job. I\’ve mentioned this many times, but the color slider can make the paint job multicolor and a solid color which is pretty cool. Even though this bike is not the fastest. It is still cool. I am still gonna buy the bike though. This bike performs kinda like the super six evo. It is pretty good on climbs and pretty aero.

    Thanks for reading this article! Ride On! To find the article containing the speed tests just look up fastest climbing bikes, then scroll to the bottom of the article and click on the speedtest charts. If you would like to share your thoughts on the SL7, leave a comment below!

12 thoughts on “All about zwifts new Tarmac sl7

  1. Hi, this is Ryan Nickerson from team Cryo. I was wondering if this is worth buying or if i should not buy it? What do you think Oliver?


  2. Hi ryan! I am going to buy it even though it is not that fast. I think that its worth buying because it is a good climber and it has a really cool paint job. how many drops do you have?


  3. Im just going to say its me again. Ryan Nickerson: I have 2.2 million drops, so you think i should buy it, because if yes then i will


  4. Yeah, I think you should buy it since you already have 2.2 million drops. You already have the fastest bike so if I were you I would just buy it, then buy the disc wheel when you get to level 35. I do not know if I should buy the venge s works though…


  5. I am not so much about speed, but how cool the bike looks. So if I were to choose a bike from the drop shop, I would choose the coolest looking on :). What about you? Speed? Or look?


  6. I mean, I would buy the venge if it had the same paint job as the tarmac. I've never really wanted to buy the venge. Honestly, I think you should just buy the tarmac because there are no faster bikes than the venge, which you already have.


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