Kids bike club weekly news [IMPORTANT]

         I have now decided that I am going to do a weekly newsletter to catch you all up on what is happening for KBC and the zwift world around us. I am temporary taking over KBC because Elliott has been very busy and he does not have companion so he can’t create meetups anymore. He will be taking over KBC again in a few months. I will keep you all informed if anything else important happens. Another thing I wanted to do was hold a KBC event soon. I decided to let you all vote so that I know which event I should choose. Here are the options, we could a group ride, we could do a TTT (team time trial), we could do a race, like FFA(freeforall). Please leave your vote in the comments section or on my ride on companion. Thanks and ride on! Another thing is that you have to do FTP tests monthly.

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