Conquering the Mega Pretzel

        Today I decided to face my fears and take on the mega pretzel. The mega pretzel is 66.9 miles long with 5,384 ft of climbing. It goes over the epic kom both ways and the Zwift KOM both ways. You also have to do the jungle twice with the volcano climb. I invited a few friends to ride with me to make the ride  easier and less boring. I set off trying to target around 4 hrs. The first 40 miles went pretty well but going up the epic kom again was pretty tough because my legs were already tired. We finished around 10 minutes later than we expected and I got the route badge! Here are a few tips for the route, switch bikes in the jungle, pace yourself on the climbs, and invite friends to keep you going. Thanks for reading! I hope you decide to tackle the mega pretzel too! 

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