Tour4Kids 2021 Announced

Info     Paul Vriesman and Oliver Chi are proud to announce that Tour4kids is back. In March kids from all around the world will gather on zwift to join the event that only happens twice a year. To join in on the fun click on this link and fill out the form so that we know to invite you. Note: You must fill out this form to count in the standings. The races will be on Saturdays and Sundays at 8:30 am pst. This even will take place over 4 weeks. If you wish to participate, READ THE WHOLE POST. The first day is March 6th 2021. A few of the events will be recorded for you all to watch after the race. There will be a discord link sent to you when you finish registering. Please only fill out the google form once unless you are signing up a sibling. This helps us with the roster and it helps us keep track of who is coming and who to invite. This is an invite only race since we are using the meetup feature. The points go by whoever is fastest through the segment. There are two separate standings for each different thing like sprints and KOMs. For the discord link leave a comment on one of my rides on Zwift. I will then create a meetup with you that has the link in the description. This is to make sure random people are not joining the server.


Stage 1: TT – Cobbled climbs – 10km – 126m

Stage 2: Road Race – R.G.V – 49km – 214m

Stage 3: Road Race – Ven-Top – 21km -1534m

Stage 4: Road Race – Sand and Sequioas – 23km – 146m

Stage 5: Road Race – Volcano Circuit – 35km – 136m

Stage 6: Road Race – Alpe du Zwift-Road to Sky – 18km – 1045m

Stage 7: Road Race – Greatest London Flat – 38km – 246m

Stage 8: Road Race – Champs-Élysées – 28km – 130m

Points    Throughout the race you will be able to accumulate points. The rider with the most KOM points will be the winner for the KOM jersey. The rider with the most sprint points will be the winner of the Sprint.

Sprint points guide:

1st: 50 pts

2nd: 30 pts

3rd: 20 pts

4th: 18 pts

5th: 16 pts

6th: 14 pts

7th: 12 pts

8th: 10 pts

9th: 8 pts

10th: 7 pts

Mountain points guide:

1st: 10 pts

2nd: 6 pts

3rd: 4 pts

Rules    You must come to at least 4 of the 8 stages to count in the final standings. If you miss a stage you will have 1 minute added to your time in the general classification. The results will be released within 24 hours of the event finishing. The use of a HRM (Heart rate monitor) is not mandatory and the use of Zpower is ok. If you have a HRM we recommend that you use it for the proof that you are not cheating. Before racing, make sure you weigh yourself to have the correct weight on zwift. You may not accuse accuse anyone of cheating without any formal proof. If you do have proof send a message to one of us through discord. Make sure to have fun and keep this as a friendly and welcoming race. Cheating is not tolerated. To participate you must be under the age of 15. At the beginning of the race we will regroup until everyone is together. No more than 3 wpk. If you do decide to go ahead 10 minutes will be added to your general classification time. We know that it may be tempting to go harder at the start but please regroup to make the race more enjoyable for everyone. With that you should be all set and ready to go. Enjoy the race!

20 thoughts on “Tour4Kids 2021 Announced

  1. Unfortunately we are only doing one time slot. If we can get this event on the official zwift calendar next tour, we will most likely try for 2 time zones. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  2. Hi Oliver, how can I get in touch with you? You ask to leave a comment on any of your races for the Discord link. Do you mean on Strava? Or how/where should I (or rather, my son) leave a comment?


  3. Hi! Sorry I wasn't clear on where. Just leave a comment on one of my zwift rides and I will create a meetup with the discord link in the description. We do this to make sure random people are not joining the discord server.


  4. Sorry, it is a safety protocol that zwift has enforced for juniors u13. To get an invite to the rides your going to have to follow me anyway so once your son is following me he should be able to comment. I sent you a meetup invite I think with the discord link.


  5. Glad to hear that you are registered! I sent out the discord link during the meet and greet ride. Can you check with your son to see if he is already in the server? If not I can get him the link.-Oliver


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