Interview with Bikely Youth Team

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     I hope you enjoy this special article containing an interview with the leader and creator or Bikely Youth Team. Get to know the leader of the biggest junior cycling team on Zwift!

    When was BYT founded and where did you get the idea?

    BYT was founded in August 2020, after such a long quarantine, it started to be anoying to always rode alone so I decided to make a club for kids and friends! The name Bikely Youth Team, comes from Bikely Cycling Clothing, company I was gonna start, making custom cycling clothing. I created a team because I thought that it would be a cool and fun project… I got the idea when I once started riding a couple meetups with a friend from school and we both liked it.

    How do you keep your members interested to make sure that they continue to stay on the team and contribute?

    I like making special events like the BYT championship, Tour4Kids is the main event, who keeps people active… Also let them choose what to do, like the route distance/duration of the trainings…    

    Is there anyone in particular that has helped you develop BYT? (your parents, friends, siblings, etc)

    Yes, Oliver Chi and all the members who joined! Special thanks to Eric Reis, Oli Perring, Nicholas Smith, Richard Levinson and my dad    

    What are some things you would like to do with BYT in the future?

    I would like to make a real life kit, with sponsors and a cool look! Also I would like to make a girls team… Another one of the goals is to get 100 members and get a cool club function team… Also get a YT channel and lots more    

    Are there any events or rides coming up that we should be aware about?

    Yes, Tour4Kids! An event with over 40 participants, 8 stages, 4 jerseys and 1 winner…

    I hope you enjoyed this article! Check back often for more news, tests, and interesting articles! Thanks for reading! If you would like to join Bikely Youth Team you can contact him through discord

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