All about steering in Zwift

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     In the last few months zwift has been rolling out steering to more and more devices. Currently you can only steer using the Elite Steerzo, The Wahoo Kickr Bike, and the Wattbikes. Stages has a steering button but Zwift has not yet enabled the buttons so that they work with Zwift. You can currently steer everywhere with the Elite Steerzo. As for the Wattbike and the Kickr bike you can only steer on the roads, not the mountain bike trail. 

    The Wahoo Kickr bike and the Wattbike will automatically pair steering when you pair controllable. You can then click the buttons and it will steer you through the 5 \”lanes\” on the virtual roads. However you can not steer through people or run into them so you can only steer when the way you are trying to steer is clear.

    The elite steerzo can steer all over zwift, however some events do not allow steering and it will automatically disable steering for the event. Zwift has steering races where you are free to steer the whole race. Steering is still part of the futureworks development program so chances are there is more steering related features to come. Steering will most likely come out of futureworks after several more months of testing.

    If you have any questions or comments about the topic just leave a comment below! Note: The Wattbike steering bugs should be fixed in the coming update (likely today or tomorrow).

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