Tour4Kids standings

     This post will be updated 24 hours after each stage with the current standings. Check back after the first stage! Enjoy the races. If you did not participate in stage 1 you will get the time of 20 minutes. For stage 2 if you did not participate you will get the time of 1 hour and 20 minutes. If anything seems wrong let me know. Sorry if the results are confusing. It takes a long time to do this because it is a manual process that includes a lot of calculations. Here is the nicer looking version. I am keeping the old one up because this one is not finished yet.

Place Name Time
1st Bertie Widdowson 6:30:33
2nd Peter Mitchell 6:38:52
3rd Tim Schaf 6:42:16
4th Eric Reis 6:43:48
5th Ollie Squire 6:51:56
6th Louis Causton Davies 6:56:06
7th F Laichinger 7:10:18
8th Jesper Van Loon 7:17:09
9th Michael Patton 7:19:50
10th Paul Vriesman 7:22:24
11th Kalin Angelov 7:50:31
12th C Miller(u13) 7:54:28
13th Sophia Chi (Speedhound) 7:59:52
14th Oliver Chi (SPEEDHOUND)(PENVELO) 8:02:21
15th Charlie Tourtel 8:03:10
16th A Rutherford 8:03:27
17th Ollie Duigard GVC 8:05:28
18th Hannah Haimberger 8:10:34
19th Rueben Child 8:11:28
20th Finn Child 8:12:12
21st Enzo Giampalo 8:13:47
22nd R Trujilo 8:15:01
23rd L Letort 8:15:01
24th Andrew Levinson 8:18:54
25th Guimar 8:21:16
26th Tom Ross Reverested 8:21:48
27th Nicholas Smith 8:21:52
28th Oli Perring 8:22:03
29th 8:22:17
30th Ben Barclay u16 8:22:47

These are the final results after stage 8! The winner of this years Tour4Kids was Bertie Widdowson! An easier to read version is being worked on right now and Paul will hopefully do the sprint and KOM in the next month. Thank you all for participating and we hope to see you in 6 months! Registration opens this summer.

Oliver Chi (SPEEDHOUND)(PenVelo) 8:02:21
Paul Vriesman U13 [BYT] 7:22:24
Nicholas Smith (age 12) [BYT] 8:21:52
Eric Reis U14 [BYT] 6:43:48
Ryan Nickerson
Enzo Giampaolo 8:13:47
Ari Shiman U13
Daniel Iorio U14 [BYT]
Andrew Levinson (BYT) 8:18:54
Nate Flanders (Age 10) [BYT] 9:13:53
Kalin Angelov U11 [BYT] 7:50:31
Elliott Chi (Speed Hound) 8:42:38
Abel Tyberghein u12 byt 8:25:13
J.RobertsU13(C) 7:09:41
Ko Tri (MUCC)(BYT)
Michael Patton U12 (BYT) 7:19:50
Ben Aston(Age 9)
Ben Barclay U16 8:22:47
Sophia Chi (Speedhound) 7:59:52
Aidan Zavalla u15 ;3 8:20:01
Tyler Morgenson Rad/Cycle U 8:23:16
Dikshita Arora U13 [BYT] 8:26:53
Isaac Delport
A.Rutherford 8:03
Ollie Squire U11 (BYT) 6:51:56
Elliott Blake
Tim Schaf (ZRG) 6:42:16
Luke | Onyx DS(BYT)(KBC)
Ima Beast
Lachlan P(SAS)(INC) 8:25:01
Isaac Delport
Jacob T U10 LDY (BBTTT)
pesto pasta[BYT]U13
Sammy oldham (BYT)(Team Kids)
Oliver Oldham
J Man Pinfold (10 Years old)(BYT) Dropped out due to surgery
Finn Davies u13 7:38:25
Xander Tovey
O WHITTALL 8:20:42
C Tilburn 9:30:42
Iain Haldane
Eddie fox (10y)
Kiki Hanreck HSS
Aaron Appadoo 8:26:09
Daniel May
Charlie Tourtel GVC/BCsouth 8:03:10
Iestyn Williams (CTJTT) 9:47:53
Louis 6:56:06
F Rocha
B.Widdowson (12yo) 6:30:33
Ari Shiman U13
Jonathan savoie
Hadley Davis-12 Years (VCJ)
Peter Mitchell (U13) (STC) 6:38:52
Hannah Haimberger 2010 (BYT) 8:10:34
Rodrigo Pissarra [PTz]
Harriet Butcher TRC-U10(JCT)
Ollie Duguid GVC 8:05:28 AM
Rafael Philippot Haegel (TSV25)
Bobby Tabel
Willy Rolla
Willy Rolla 15Yrs
Artur Sebbel 8:41:55
Finn Davies (BBTTT) U13
Jesper Van Loon(U15) 7:17:49
Alex Skawinski 10 Yrs
RochsWorld YouTube ( BYT) 8:22:17
C Tilburn
C Miller U(13) 7:54:28
Finn Child (ZRG) (U13) 8:12:12
Reuben Child (ZRG)(9yrs)(U11) 8:11:28
Eddie fox (10y)
E Bradley
TwoTs (8yrs)
Twoots (8yrs) Twoots (8yrs)
E Bradley (11)
J payne PPV 8:30:24
L. Thilleggs (u10) 7:02:30
Guimar 8:21:16
F.Laichinger 8:13:54
Oli Perring 8:22:03
R. Trujilo 8:15:01
K Pro (BYT) 8:24:25
L. Letort 8:15:01
H Molton (13) 8:46:12

14 thoughts on “Tour4Kids standings

  1. Hi Oliver. I took part but didn’t finish so I wud also get the time of 1h 20mins right? But in front of my name u hv written 1h 39mins. Pls can u explain how u calculated it for me? It’s kinda confusing. Btw this was Dikshita.


  2. Hi. Thanks for organising the Tour4Kids, it's a really good initiative and Len has been very excited to take part. I'm one of Len's parents. Len is 8 and as such I keep tabs on his social media usage. We've noticed a fair bit of comment on him and his rides, some very positive , but sadly not all have been pleasant or fair, and thought it may help some of the riders if we explain Len's set up and why he uses this. Len rides on track rollers (tacx antares, to be precise) and uses a speed sensor, so his power is estimated by Zwift. There are various videos you can find on Youtube which compare ZPower to power measured by a power meter., which discuss the degree of discrepancy for those interested. Len does not use rollers and Zwift power in order to gain an advantage in Zwift races, but because this is the age-appropriate set up for him, and is in line with best practice for long term athlete development for a rider of his age. In fact, use of turbo trainers by U14s is not recommended by British Cycling (Len's national governing body), with rollers being preferred for a number of reasons. You may also wish to note that Len's calculated power is capped at 400W with this 'unsupported rollers' set up. You can see the effect of this during his sprint at the end of Stage 4, where his power curve is truncated at 400W. Len has worked very hard over the lockdowns in the UK to learn to ride rollers, and to ride them well, a high cadence and with good pedalling technique. Looking at Len's Stage 3 ride on Saturday, he rode for around an hour at a cadence of 115 rpm. Today (Stage 4), he did a similar average cadence, and sprinted with a cadence of 148. Since this is on rollers, he also has to balance his bike, at this very high cadence, whilst sprinting. This is a very useful skill to develop at his age, and is one of the many reasons we are keen for him to use rollers rather than a turbo.Zpower certainly has its limitations. There are also physical differences between perfoming on a turbo, even a dumb turbo trainer, and on rollers. When Len drives his 38-11 gear at 150 rpm (which he does), the resistance does not increase, unlike with a dumb turbo, so as his cadence increases, Zpower further over-interprets the power applied (or at least, we think it does, but as the algorithm isn't publicly available, we are guessing). If you would like to look over some of his previous rides to see consistency, here are some ones that might be worth looking at: Mar 6, Stage 1 time trial (cadence/zpower). Feb 28: cadence, averaging 113 rpm over 1hr 58. Feb 9: repeated high cadence sprints over an hour. Hopefully you can appreciate from this that Len works extremely hard for his performances, which he is producing on an age-appropriate set up. Zwift has been Len's first introduction to social media. It has mostly been positive, and we would like to say thankyou to all the riders who have been generous and friendly, and particularly to the organisers for inviting him to ride this tour. However, there have been a few unkind comments following this weekend's stages, which is rather crushing for a young boy who works hard at his sport. As a result of this, and having observed our son's downcast mood after he had read some of these comments, we are considering whether Len's continued participation would benefit or harm him, so if he doesn't show up for next weekend's races, it wouldn't be him snubbing you, it would be us, his parents, doing what we think is best for him. Thanks again for organising this, tour and I hope the rest of the tour is conducted in a supportive and friendly fashion for all the riders.


  3. Hi. I am one of the leaders of the event and I will try my best to make sure that the other riders stay positive. Thanks for giving some background information about his setup.


  4. Thanks Oliver, that'd be appreciated, and congratulations on having set this up, it's a great idea. I'll chat with Len closer to next weekend and see how he's feeling. Len has already responded to questions about his trainer and his weight, and has also had riders leaving unkind comments on his activities, so unfortunately he's not feeling great about the experience at the moment, but there is a lot of time before next weekend, and who knows, perhaps the authors of some of the unkind comments might read this and reconsider the appropriateness of some of their comments. All the best to you, Oliver, and Ride On.


  5. The other rider that I work with Paul Vriesman wanted me to send you this because he couldn't get the comments to work.Hey! It’s Paul… I am here to say that I am very sorry about everything that happened earlier. I never meant this to happen, neither did Oliver…I just wanted to say that what they did was wrong and fully support what you said… I saw how motivated and strong he was and I hope this doesn’t change it… If there is absolutely anything we can do please let us know…


  6. Thanks Paul. Len's just happy to ride – he knows that zpower isn't particularly accurate and doesn't compare directly with a measured power, and he's fine with the idea of zpower riders not being included in the classification, or having a separate classification. He just didn't like the direct and indirect suggestions that he was cheating, when using zpower was within the rules. Thanks to you and Oliver for encouraging members of your community to reconsider their comments, and thanks also to those members for reconsidering – it makes a real difference to an 8 year old.


  7. Oliver can you subract about 3 minutes off my time because i think i was given the time of 1 hour for the stage, i did road to the sky solo after i got booted out of the stage ride and got a time of about 56:30


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