Tour of Watopia 2021

     The very well known tour of watopia is back again! This time with two kits to unlock and double XP for every stage! The double XP is the same as last year, so instead of 30xp for every mile you get 60. If you get the route badge too it is 3 times the amount of XP you would normally get! Make sure to get all the stages in as you can because the double XP does not last long! This is a link for a bit more information from zwift There will also be a run option where you will also receive double the amount of XP. The link has some information on rookie rides, the routes, and more. The registration is now out and you can register in game or online using the link above.

    The event starts on the 29th of March. There are 5 different stages all different lengths and difficulties. Unlike last year there are no races but some will treat these as races. To unlock the first kit all you have to do is one of the stages. For both kits you will need to finish all 5 stages. Like usual, there will be make-up days once the normal times are finished. Make-up days only last a week, so make sure that you complete all 5! There is one category for the longer route, one for the shorter route, and one for a rookie ride. Usually paced at around 1-1.5 for the rookie ride. The others are 1-5, so any pace.

    Here is the sign up link for stage 1! The official information is not out yet but should be out soon. 

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