Zwift April Fools day 2021

     Every April Fools day, Zwift likes to do something silly. One year it was the paper boy/girl, one year it was Retro 80\’s, one year it was burning rubber one year it was big heads…, and another year it was Big Wheel Trikes. I wasn\’t here for the big wheel trikes but they did seem pretty cool. This year I have been informed that the Log Files for the Big Zwheeler had changed and it now said tron wheels. I later on checked my log files just to confirm that this was true. It was! I saw the same thing on my end! Last year Zwift got a lot of negative feedback for the Retro 80\’s one (It was kind of disturbing and it wasn\’t the best for my eyes…). I have a feeling this years will be a good one! What do you all think about this and what were your favorite April fools days tricks? Leave a comment below!


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