Tour4Kids stages 3 and 4 recap

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     Unfortunately this week I do not have a video recap but I do have the results! Stage 3 I did not participate because I had raced the day before, for stage 3 the winner was Len Thilleggs, followed by Bertie Widdowson, and Shuan Daschaf. It was a very long race taking most riders over 1:30 minutes. This stage changed the standings a lot! Stage 4 was a blast! It was a short 14 miles race that took most around 30 minutes. I finished 17th. The winner was Len Thilleggs followed by Shaun Daschaf. For more information on the standings go to the standings post and there will be the GC. The sprint points and KOM points are not finished because Paul is still doing them. I hope everyone is looking forward to stages 5 and 6! Another long climb on stage 6 (Alpe Du Zwift). Who do you think is going to win this years tour4kids? Leave a comment below with your predictions!

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