Unofficial U15 Zwift Championships


This idea is inspired by the recent UCI world e sports championships, it will take place on a route in Watopia that does not favor climbers, nor does it favor sprinters/flat riders. This event will take place sometime in the summer. To receive an invite add (U15UCI) to the end of your name and you may remove it once the invites are out. Unfortunately due to the lack of an official event only 100 riders will be invited, so sign up now before the slots are all gone. The details are not finalized yet but here are some of the rules. Below please read the rules, all of them, and at the end you will get to enjoy a special promo video for the event. The route is still to be determined, along with the distance, and time. The winter event date is still TBD. The link to sign up is later in the post, if you are interested, please sign up now! All riders are welcome as long as they are under the age of 15. 

Unofficial virtual U15 champs


    It does not matter whether you are on Zpower or not but if you have an unreliable amount of power/wpk you will be either asked to submit a weigh in picture, or you will need another source of evidence that the power/wpk that you are putting out are legit. The winner, regardless of who it is will be asked to submit a weigh in video at the end of the race. There will be points awarded at each of the KOMs and Sprints that are placed across the race. Zpower riders regardless of the amount of power that they are putting out will not be included in the final results that will be posted shortly after the race finishes. To ensure that everything is right and that Zwift Race Results do not fool us like they did in Tour4Kids, I might not race in order to get a clear recording of the finishing sprint to provide the most accurate standings possible. Cheating will not be tolerated. Tron bikes and any other bike aside from the TT bike are allowed. Just like IRL riders will be allowed to team up and work together if they would like, just know that there is only one winner. Riders will not be placed on teams according to their country because there is the possibility that there will not be an even amount of riders for each country.


There are currently not any prizes for the event but donations are welcome(Gift cards, etc). Depending on how successful the event is it will most likely happen again next year. The event is semi-yearly, one event in the summer and one in the winter.


This is the link to sign up. The sign up is unlimited sign up now! Please only fill out the form once and by Zwift Username I mean what your name is on Zwift, not your log in info. Sign up link: Sign up is open year long, riders will be notified when the event is starting, check back frequently for the latest news on the event. 

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