Today is April fools day on Zwift!

     As most of you know it is April First, also known as April fools day. Every year when it is April fools day on Zwift, Zwift likes to get silly and do someone different, or not normal. This year after looking in the files it seemed to be that it would a tricycle with Tron bike wheels, my prediction was true! Also thanks to another rider on Zwift Forums who told me to look at the files. Zwift definitely nailed the design on this bike and I wish you could keep the bike, like maybe buy it in the drop shop. Here is a picture of the bike, if you do not see it on your screen it is likely because you have not updated Zwift to the latest version. Here are some pictures from a fellow zwifter of mine who lives in Australia where it is already April 1st! If you go to my youtube channel there are two videos of it in action that are uploading right now! Click here! This is the link to the video:

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