Zwift April update released

     Zwift just dropped their monthly update containing many cool features!  As usual there is the long list of bug fixes and minor improvements, but onto the important part! Last month Zwift released the save without exit feature which was awesome for many riders. This month the main feature is the ability to turn the HUD on and off, heads up display. I\’ve dove into that in another post that you can find here: I have put together a video demonstrating the new feature of turning the HUD on and off(this link may not work because it might still be processing(update: still uploading the video, link will be available shortly check back soon! While you are waiting for the video I have put together a step by step guide on how to turn it on and off. 

    Zwift has also released a new bike(ish) and wheelset. The wheelset is the new Zipp 353s, these wheels are pretty much a more aerodynamic zipp 202 wheelset. The new bike is not really a new bike just an updated version of the Giant bike which costs 745,000 drops much more than the previous model. Zwiftinsider is currently testing that so look here for the results Here are some pictures and things that I found interesting from this release! Here is the link to the forums post where you can discuss with other Zwifters on this recent update: Another article explaining HUD mode is here: I also have a tutorial down below. According to Zwiftinsider something new and fresh will be coming out in May!

    How to turn the HUD on and off. Here is a quick step by step on how to turn the HUD on and off. You can turn it off with the game bar or the companion, and for computer users, they can use the H key. When you first click the game bar, it will show this screen.

    Then you will be greeted with a new screen showing you how t use the HUD on and off mode. Riders who use a computer will see this after dismissing the screen.

    And of course there is the long list of bug fixes, minor improvements, and more small things, nothing that interesting in this section.
-Numerous cycling and running assets (kits, shirts, etc.) have been added or updated. 

-Fixed an issue with some road decals going missing in Watopia and London. 

-Added the AMD Radeon RX 6800 series to the list of 4k compatible video cards. 

-Added a retry function for PC and Mac when saving your activity fails for some reason. 

-Created a new workout category for running named Distance Based workouts. 

-Fixed a bug that would cause trainer difficulty to fail to reset after participating in an event with a minimum trainer difficulty value set. 

-Fixed a bug that would cause steering to be disabled in events with the steering only value set. 

-Fixed a bug that would cause the Wattbike gear display to show the wrong gear. 

-Fixed a bug with Pace Partner UI where the wrong route would be shown. 

-Fixed a bug with the Steering pairing UI where it would appear to be paired after unpairing a smart bike. 

-Fixed a bug that would cause riders in Richmond to go off road. 

-Fixed a bug that would cause some player names to appear as NVALID. 

-Fixed a bug where the steering rating prompt would not appear for new riders on iOS and Android. 

-Fixed a bug where the Join Event button would not appear for some users when joining a steering only event without steering device connected. 

-Fixed a bug where riders in the event paddock would slide backwards. Fixed a bug that would cause small groups to move erratically in group workouts. 

-Fixed a typo in the Resume Activity UI. Fixed a bug that would cause some UI to appear behind the home screen when returning to home while fanviewing another Zwifter. 

-Fixed a bug causing some buttons to overlap in the End Activity screen. 

-Fixed a bug with the navigation UI when following a Pace Partner. 

-Fixed a bug that would cause screenshots from a previous activity to appear in the End Activity screen for your next activity. 

-Fixed a bug that would cause Meetup tiles in the Home screen to be shorter than they should be. 

-Fixed some typos in the TT Tune Up workouts. 

-Fixed a bug that would cause some riders to crash when crossing the finish line in Zwift Racing League events.

    Please share this blog and article with others! I would really appreciate it! Anything you noticed that changed? Leave a comment below!

7 thoughts on “Zwift April update released

  1. Just cannot update on my PC Windows 7. Says updating, then Applying updates then goes around in a circle and repeats. Deleted all files, rebooted PC emtied history etc etc nothing works. Having to go back to using my old Tacx videos


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