Ride with Eric Min for AAPI Heritage Month

     Join Eric Min, the CEO and Co-founder of Zwift on a ride on the Sand and Sequioas route at 10:30am pacific time on Saturday May 8th! This ride is to celebrate AAPI heritage month, Asian American and Pacific Islander. The ride is paced at 1.5-2 wpk, so a D category group ride, many Zwift HQ workers and well known names will be there too! There is not an official run but there are runs and rides, group ride/runs every Thursday of the month of May. Zwift says that \”At Zwift, we will not ignore the surge in anti-Asian violence that we have witnessed over the last year, and previous months, specifically. AAPI Heritage Month is an opportunity to remind ourselves that education, awareness, and social action are some of the most potent\” This is great to hear especially with all of the violence that has happened recently. There is also a link to the official page with all of the different events: https://www.zwift.com/events/tag/aapievents. Here is a link to join the official event:https://www.zwift.com/events/tag/aapievents/view/2052291! See you there!

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