Accessing the Forums from Zwift companion

     This is just a quick Zwift tip on how to access the Zwift forums from the companion app. The Zwift forums are where you can find new feature announcements, known bugs, feature requests, and more! The forums can be accessed through the web or the companion app.

    Once you are in the companion app, select the more section shown in this image. That will show you the settings section, shop, help, forums, and find zwifters.

    Then, you are pretty much all set, just click the forums, then click log in on the top right corner, that will allow you to track more data like the things that you have read and the new things since you were last on.

    To exit the forums, just hit the back arrow and it will take you back to the more page. Thanks for reading! Any post requests, comments, or anything what so ever, leave a comment below!


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