Norseman Climbing Series Announced

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     The Norseman Series of Climbing has just been added to the calendar of Zwift events. This is a yearly event that typically ends with a large race on the Uber Pretzel route which is even bigger than the Mega Pretzel. The route is 88.5 miles with 7,900 ft of climbing. Riders must complete the final event to receive the final kit and a change to get into the official Norseman Event in real life. The events consist of group workouts, races, and possibly group rides(remains unknown but will update when details are official). The first few weeks are all workouts. Here is a sample of last years workouts which are accessible from the Norseman folder under the workouts category:

    Here is a link with a complete page of all of the events. To sign up, just click the plus once you are logged into your Zwift account. To find the event on the Companion app you will have to scroll quite a bit, so this is more convenient. Link to the page: Thanks for reading! This post will be updated as more information about the event is released. Zwift has released more information. The white kit can be unlocked in any of the rides, the black kit can be unlocked by completing one of the Norseman race.

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