Zwift Fun is Fast Series

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     Zwift just released information on a new race, group ride, group workout, fondo, and TT series. This series contains well, all of the things that I just listed above. It is pretty much just a large series full of different types of events. There are a bunch of unlocks too. The workouts are designed by the pros, Anna Van Der Breggen, Mathieu Van Der Poel, and Geraint Thomas. There will be Geraint Thomas podcast rides. A time trial \”against\” Anna Van Der Breggen (a race against her time), a women\’s ride every Wednesday, France fondos, and a Champs Elysees race.

    The unlock for any group ride that you complete you will get the new Zwift Supersonic Kit. The unlock for the Ven-top challenge, or any race are the new Supersonic wheels. From the looks they are the 50mm Zwift wheels that are currently in the drop shop. Here is a link for more information: Zwift also included a brief teaser video:

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