Zwift to test new Auto-categorization feature

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     New events have just been added to the calendar of events on Zwift Power. The events are titled, WTRL Auto-Cat Test. There are already several riders signed up that were invited to test the feature. I don\’t know how Zwift chose who to invite, but the good news is, that there is movement on the Anti-Sandbagging feature. The event is invite only but I think it could be rolling out as Futureworks starting when the next update in mid-end of July is released. Here is a link to the Zwift Power event: Zwift has yet to release information on what the feature does and what Category limits are. Lighter riders have struggled with the previous Anti Sandbagging feature because they do less watts but more WPK. Any more information that I missed? Update: You can join the event by going to the WTRL website, then going to the broadcast section under Zwift classics. There will be a link that says Auto Cat me. Leave a comment below!

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