All About Bikely Youth Team

Bikely Youth Team(BYT) was founded back in August of 2020, ever since then, more and more riders have been joining every week, approaching almost 100 members, BYT is the largest team for riders U19 on Zwift. BYT has many awesome events, some organized by the founder, Paul Vriesman, and others organized by the team. Some events that you can participate in if you join are, weekly social rides, WTRL TTT, ZRL, BYT racing league, and BYT championships. BYT also helps organize events like the Unofficial U15 Zwift Championships, and Tour4kids. If you are interested in learning more about the founder, Paul Vriesman, check out this article:

If you are like me, riding with other kids is way more enjoyable than riding and racing adults all the time. BYT has weekly social rides, or you can hop into their discord server and you can easily find someone to ride with. BYT supports riders of all abilities, whether you are just a social ride, or if you have a dream of becoming a world tour rider, BYT will support you wherever your journey takes you. Already ready to join? All you have to do is request to join the team on Zwift Power, then contact any of the moderators through Zwift companion. BYT has 3 teams that race in Zwift Racing League, once you join the team you can request to be on any of the three teams and one of the moderators will send you the information. Unfortunately due to the new rule in Zwift Racing League, kids can no longer race in Zwift Racing League.

Thanks for reading! If you are a kid or know/have any kids who would be interested in joining, you can always join the team and try it out for a bit, if you happen to not like it, no problem, you can always reconsider. BYT now has public events, to join those events, just click on this link: Updated 11/2

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