All About Zwift

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        Ever imagine yourself being a pro cyclist or runner? Or even both? Well, if so, Zwift is waiting for you right this second. You could build up your endurance and speed in just one month, starting now. First you will read about the worlds/places in Zwift, then you will read about training on Zwift, and lastly about racing on Zwift.
        Zwift is an app that is compatible with most tablets and computers. its pretty much just virtual world full of people all around the world all looking to have fun and do what they love most. On Zwift you can pretty much do everything you’ve always wanted to do, have a cool bikes/shoes, win races, and even make new friends. Many athletes use zwift as an environment to train, many also use it for fitness, or just for the fun of it. Zwift has many things from races, to workouts, to group rides. Zwift has it all. 
        First off you will read about the eight different worlds in Zwift. Watopia, (which is a name of a world) is always open to ride in every day. The rest of the worlds are either guest worlds or event only routes. The two worlds that are not available to anyone are the Bologna TT course and Crit City. The two routes can only be ridden during events organized by authorized people. The other five alternate on a schedule created by Zwift.
        Next you will read about training on Zwift. Many athletes (kids too) use Zwift for training, or just for fun. Zwift has hundreds of pre-made workouts ready for you to do, zwift gives you three options, you can join a group ride, free ride (you can do whatever you want), or a workout. To learn more about signing up for a kids account or to read more about what kids accounts can do, check out this article:
        Finally, you will read about racing on Zwift. Zwift will let you join all sorts of rides with all sorts of people. In Zwift authorized people can create events, either workouts, races, or group rides. On Zwift there are races like every 15-30 minutes, depending on the day and time. The races are split into different category’s based off of how many WKG you do. Zwift is also now testing an Auto Categorization feature which will make future racing much better. Zwift’s goal is to ensure that all Zwift races will be as fair and as fun as possible. They are working with the team at which run one of the most popular community racing leagues, Zwift Racing league.
        Some of my favorite things about Zwift are that you can choose what time you want to ride, where you want to ride, what you want to do, and who you want to ride with. When riding outside there are many things that could stop you from riding outside, like weather. The gamification in Zwift also keeps me very interested, the aspect of leveling up, puchasing new gear, and competing in events is very motivating. When I first began riding on Zwift, I did not know anyone, now I now over 100 kids who are very into Zwift and enjoy doing some of the same things as me! I have also joined Bikely Youth Team which has over 80 like minded kids now!
        As you can see, Zwift has changed the way people look at indoor cycling, from boring, to fun. Zwift has everything you need to to become a better cyclist or runner. Thanks for reading and I hope you decide to join Zwift if you are not already a member! See you in Watopia!

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