All about Zwift Drops

Drop are Zwift’s in game currency, in this article you will learn all about it. Drops are a great motivation and they will help you upgrade your ride in game!

Zwift gives you Drops(the in game currency in Zwift) whenever you are riding. Those drops can be spent on bikes or wheels in the drop shop. You can see how many drops you have just below your timer at the top of your screen.

You can gain drops extra fast by leveling up or climbing more and getting ride ons. When climbing an incline 3% or more you get about 60% more drops than you would get on flats. When you receive a ride on you will get double the amount you would be getting for 15 seconds. When you level up to a level that is divisible by 5 then you get 25,000 bonus drops. If you level up to a level divisible by 10 you will get 100,000 bonus drops. Ride ons are the easiest way that you can gain drops faster. The easiest way to get more ride ons are to join a group ride, follow more users and give them ride ons(They will likely give them back), the C Cadence group usually has lots of riders who love to give ride ons.

Level 5 – 25,000 drops

Level 10 – 100,000 drops

Level 15 – 25,000 drops

Level 20 – 100,000 drops

Level 25 – 25,000 drops

Level 30 – 100,000 drops

Level 35 – 25,000 drops

Level 40 – 100,000 drops

Level 45 – 25,000 drops

Level 50 – 100,000 drops

That is 625,000 drops just from leveling up. Keep in mind that it will get harder and harder to level up as you progress through the levels.

On average when I’m riding on a flat route I get about 1,000 drops every mile. Most bikes in Zwift cost about 500,000 drops depending on which one you buy. To buy bikes and wheels you need to be on or above a certain level depending on which bike or wheels you are planning to buy. You can redeem these drops in the Drop Shop, which can be found by going to menu, garage, then you can select whether you want to shop for wheels or frames.

So next time you ride, remember to check out the drop shop and see what cool things await you. The more you ride, the richer you get. There are many frames and wheels in Zwift, but the real question is which is the fastest. I would highly recommend checking out Zwift insider, they run speed tests on each and every one of the equipment. Any questions leave a comment below and I will try my best to answer to the best of my abilities.

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