Leveling up faster on Zwift

Everyone loves it when they level up and the orange banner appears showing what cool gear they have unlocked. But how do riders level up so quickly? Here is a complete guide on how to level up faster on Zwift. First of all, there is an event going on right now called Tour of Watopia where riders get double XP for every mile, if they get a route achievement too, then that is triple the usual XP!

My first tip on how riders can level up quickly is route achievement’s. Route badges are the quickest way to level up on Zwift, they are practically double XP! Zwiftinsider has a guide to all the routes and what badges give how much XP. The longer the route the more XP riders will receive, this is my favorite way to level up. There are also different badges for completing certain things like 5 laps of volcano, 5 alpes, and more! Those are also worth around 1000xp which will help riders level up.

The next tip is to do workouts up the alpe. Workouts up the alpe can earn over 2000xp up and down the alpe! This is much more than riders would normally get because at the top of the climb there is a spinning wheel, once riders get all the items, riders will get XP instead, they all give 250XP unless the spinner lands on the wheels, which give 1000XP which is a lot! I have noticed that after I got the lightweight wheels, the spinner landed on the wheels a lot more frequently. When using this strategy I got 2,200 XP from doing a workout up the alpe, then getting the wheels are the top. This is a very effective way to earn XP faster. Here is the Zwift workout if you would like to download it. I held roughly 3wpk for this workout and it got me up the alpe almost perfectly. You may need to shorten or increase the length depending on your FTP and weight. Here is the workout that you can download: https://www.zwiftworkout.com/editor/5tbi9sgy9rd. Once you click on the link it will take you to a website where you can then download the ZWO file.

My final tip is to ride a TT bike, riding a TT bike can sometimes be slower but every time a rider goes under a banner they will receive 10xp. All of the XP will add up but if a rider goes under an arch more they will receive more XP. Beware that TT bikes can only provide draft, not receive draft from other road bikes.

I hope you found this article interesting, helpful, and informative. Any tips or article requests leave a comment below and I will get to the comment as soon as I can. Keep in mind that leveling up can be a long process but unless you are level 50 you will level up eventually! I am nearly there! Lookout for a post about my journey to level 50 in the coming days.

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