Zwift Farmland Loop Details


Farmland loop was added in the 1.16.0 game release. This is the 12th route in Makuri Islands, like the rest of them it is a pretty short route of around 8km. There is not much climbing in this route, it is a rolling hills route but most of it is flat. At the start it is mainly flat but then towards the middle and end there will be some small hills/rollers. Once you reach 1 mile to go, you will hit a slight descent which would make a tough course to race as downhill finishes are tough. For those of you who are just free riding it, it makes for a perfect cool-down. I would recommend using the fastest bike and wheels that you have as there is not much climbing in this route. The current fastest would probably be the Cervelo S5 2020, with the DT Swiss disc wheel-set.


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – 155XP

Distance – 4.8 miles/7.8 kilometers

Elevation – 187ft/57m

Video recording 👇

I forgot to hit record so I missed the first mile, but the recording shows everything beyond the first mile. The first mile is mainly downhill so not much to miss.

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