Zwift Racing League Season 4

Zwift racing league season 4 details are now out, including an updated ruleset for the 2021/2022 racing season. Here is a link to the rules page on WTRL: WTRL has also added all of the power ups that will be used in this upcoming seasons routes, the segments are also up. Here is a link to the complete schedule including power up information, primes, and more: I highly recommend signing up for Zwift Racing League, I had a blast in the past two seasons and you get to race against some of the best of the best. For a brief schedule, head over to this article that I put together: Here is an article with a complete list of recon rides and tips for each stage:

Some big news for junior riders who would like to participate in Zwift Racing League, riders under 16 are no longer allowed to participate. I have reached out to Zwift for more information on why. Zwift says that this is because they are required to protect riders under the age of 16 on the platform because of legal reasons.

If you found this article helpful/useful or you just enjoyed it, check back often for the latest Zwift news!

3 thoughts on “Zwift Racing League Season 4

  1. Oliver,

    As a bitter rival of yours in ZRL, I can only say that you have *THE FULL SUPPORT* of ZCD team in fighting this arbitrary exclusion.

    We are very unhappy about this rule. It affects our team, too, but most importantly – it affects YOU, the young riders who have cherished and were excited about this “new” sport, and competition. We old people were also better off having you there to push us, and inspire us.

    We want you youngsters BACK.

    Fight on, friend!

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