Zwift Race Report // Crit City

Today I decided to do a Crit City race after getting my Flu-Shot at school. My arm was sore, which wasn’t ideal, but fortunately it did not really affect my power numbers. It was a bit harder to sprint, but other than that I am happy with my watts. The race had over 30 riders, the start was really fast, once the group settled into a pretty fast pace. On the KOM’s I could keep up, but it was pretty hard to stay with the group on the downhill. I managed to hold on until the final lap, then on the KOM I under-estimated how fast riders would be going up the KOM, I got out of the saddle and did around 9wpk, but the group drifted away. I hung on with a small pack till the finish but wasn’t able to out-sprint them. I finished 16th/32 which isn’t bad and averaged 4.4 wpk. I was a few watts off of new FTP, which is pretty good. This group of riders were really strong, one of them is actually a pro. I also got close to a new fastest time on Crit City, 20:55 for 8 laps. I got a video recording of the race, see the link below. Please subscribe to the channel! My goal is to get 100 subscribers!

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