Tour4kids Stages 1 and 2 Recap

The first two stages of Tour4kids have just finished. Stage 2 was an iTT, everyone on their fastest TT rigs. Stage 1 had really fast times, the fastest rider coming in at 14:08 over the course of 6 miles! Bertie Widdowson, winner of Tour4kids edition 2, came in first by around 10 seconds. Second place was the first Tour4kids winner, Eric Reis. Then in third was J Man, who has done extremely well in the Tour4kids series. Stage 2 started off with a short 15 second sprint, then the group settled down and held a steady pace, in the middle of the route, there was a KOM and a sprint, everyone wanted to grab some sprint points and rattle the group up, It was a pack sprint off with very high speeds, on the KOM, riders attacked, and stayed away to the finish. The race had a 5-10 minute KOM, which was very tough. The top riders held almost 5wpk on the climb. There was a nice rewarding decent that lead into the final sprint. It was a very tight sprint off, and Eric Reis took the win for stage 2, Bertie coming in just a second after him! I look forward to the coming weeks, for complete results, head over to this post: Please subscribe to these channels for more great content in the coming weeks!

Here are some video recordings from the race.

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