Tour4kids Stage 3 and 4 Recap

Tour4kids is now halfway done! This weekend we had two hillier courses. Stage 3 was two bridges loop, and stage 4 was Tour of Tewit Well. They were both a blast, and one rider took the win in both of the stages. Stage 3 split up fast, the lead group of 5 riders finished in just under 40 minutes. There was a short steep climb each lap where riders were attacking like crazy. Stage 4 there was only one group of three in the end, the rest were riding solo. The first KOM was neutralized, and the second KOM saw some very fast times. In the middle of the course that was also a short 40 second climb that peaked just over 20%! James Roberts took the win for both of the stages, unfortunately 2 riders did not finish on stage 4 because of technical difficulties. Here are some video recordings, please leave a like and subscribe!

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