Zwift October Update 1.18

Note: Zwift just dropped a quick bug fix(version 1.18.1) addressing two major bugs, head over to this post for information on that.


Update your games! Zwift Update 1.18 available for download on all platforms. Zwift has just dropped a new game release that addresses quite a few bugs, and brings a few new things. This update is kind of like “the calm before the storm.” Next month there is supposed to be some new roads coming out in Yumezi, called Neokyo, New Tokyo. Zwift has also added two new bikes, the Liv Langma SL Advanced Disc and Moots Vamoots RCS. The new Liv bike costs the same as its previous model, but it is one star more aerodynamic. This is the first Moots that we have seen in Zwift, both new bikes are equipped with the new Shimano Dura-Ace, it is two stars for aero and weight, so I would not expect it to be a very high performer. The Moots is pretty high priced at 852,000 drops, so I would recommend saving your drops, or spending them elsewhere. Zwift has also added 12 new Le Col workouts, these workouts will be available on November 1 2021. As usual, new workouts of the weeks have also been added. For more information about the Yumezi expansion that is scheduled for next month, head over to this article:

Bug fixes and improvements

Here is a complete list of bug fixes and improvements from the Zwift Forums post.

  • Fixed an issue which would sometimes cause long straight lines to appear on the map during route selection.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a crash when returning to the home screen after ending an activity on PC and Mac.
  • Fixed an issue which caused Zwifters to be unable to use their phone as a steering device on Repack Ridge.
  • Fixed an issue which caused dialogue to go missing on the first ride tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where gravity would play favorites with some lucky Zwifters, giving them the power of flight. Since Zwift is not a flight simulator (yet?!), we had to put a stop to that.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a delay in the Pace Partners appearing in the home screen.
  • Fixed an issue where pedal assist would not activate when joining a Pace Partner in certain situations.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed Zwifters to do a quick u-turn on a route and get the achievement for the reverse version of their current route.
  • Fixed an issue where Bluetooth devices could not be detected for Zwifters running MacOS Monterey.


Here are some images of the new content released in this update.

Initial thoughts

Overall I think that this is a good update because there were a few new things added which is always great to see. I am a bit disappointed that we haven’t heard anything new about the pack dynamics 3.0, as from the videos it looks much better than the current draft. If it weren’t for the new roads coming in the next update, I would probably be a bit disappointed. Zwift has a lot of new things planned for the coming months, including a home screen UI update. For more details on the home screen UI, head over to this Zwift Insider post:

1 week later…

Bugs list

Here is a complete list of bugs that were “released” in Zwift update 1.18. This section will be updated frequently as more bugs are discovered and reported.

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