Zwift Plans Neokyo Release

Zwift’s Yumezi Makuri Islands were released back in May, in just 1 month it is confirmed that we will be getting a new section of Yumezi. This is more of a modern Tokyo, while the Makuri Islands is a more rural area. The new section will be released in November, and for the first time, the world will be in night only mode, so it will be dark 24/7. The streets will also have the wet look, making the design look even better. Update: Neokyo is likely to be released on the 10th of November. For details use code Neokyo:!

This is very exciting news and I can’t wait for this new section to be released. Zwift has said that this will eventually be bigger than Watopia. The new section will be around 17 miles of road. Some of the roads may include Makuri Islands and Neokyo, which could make some pretty long routes!

For now, we can only look at the new map, but in less than a month we will be able to ride it. Thanks for reading!

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