Tour4kids Stages 7 and 8 Recap

Tour4kids has just come to a close this week! We had two very good routes, stage 7 was 3 laps of three village loop, and stage 8 was around 3.5 laps of Champs Elysees. On stage 7 the lead group held a blistering pace up the climbs, and through the sprints. Oliver Oldham took home the win for stage 7, with the leader of Tour4kids, James Roberts 5 minutes back. Stage 8 was full of action, the race started out pretty mellow, but the pace slowly increased on the slight incline, then at the top of the climb the group split during the sprint. The chase group managed to grab back on, but then lost the group the next lap. On the 3rd lap I made an attack on the sprint, with one other rider. We ended up with over a 40 second gap on the next rider. After my final pull, James Roberts made his move and took advantage of my fatigue. James Roberts took home the stage 8 win, and the title of Tour4kids winner.

That is it for Tour4kids until next year. Stay tuned as details will be released in the coming months. It is looking like the event will be held sometime in February, stay tuned!

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