Zwift Countryside Tour Details

This route was added in the original Makuri Islands release. This is one of the longest routes that is in the Makuri Islands. This route goes through the outer rims of Yumezi, passing through the farmlands and countryside. The route also includes the Temple KOM which is all dirt. The best bike for Countryside Tour is an aero road bike, as the rest of the route is flat. If you are participating in a race with points at the KOM, and are going for the KOM points, doing a bike switch to a mountain bike will make a significant difference. The Temple KOM is a relatively flat climb, an average of around 3.5%. The climb is just over a mile long, so it will not take very long.


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – 310XP

Distance – 9.8 miles/15.8 kilometers

Elevation – 607ft/185m

Video recording

A video recording is not available yet, but will be added ASAP.

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