Zwift Neokyo All Nighter Details

This route was introduced in the Zwift Neokyo expansion that will be included in the 1.19 update, dropping tomorrow. For an article with everything I know so far about Neokyo, head over here. This route is one of the longer routes in Neokyo, and covers almost all of the roads in Neokyo(All except the tunnel that attaches Neokyo to Yumezi, if you count that). The route is relatively flat, with one KOM towards the end of the route. The KOM is likely around the length of the the Watopia KOM Reverse. This route goes through 4 sprints and one KOM. The route first goes through the Castle park sprint, which is around 15-20 seconds long sprinting. Then you will go through the Alley Sprint, which takes around 25-30 seconds if you are sprinting. You will then go through the castle park sprint again. The final sprint will be the Tower sprint, which is closer to 30 seconds long, depending on how hard you go. The route will peak at the Rooftop K/QOM, and then downhill to the finish.

Elevation Profile


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – 410XP

Distance – 15.1 miles/24.3 kilometers

Elevation – 547ft/167m

Video Recording

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