Zwift Temples and Towers Details

This route is one of the longest routes that was included in this update. This route is just barely 20 miles long with quite a bit of climbing. If you are not racing this route, I would recommend a bike change at the Temple KOM as it is a pretty long climb with quite a bit of dirt. If not, I would go with an all arounder set up. This route first goes through the Rooftop climb in Neokyo. You will then go through the tunnel connecting to Yumezi. You will first ascend the castle KOM, then go up the Temple KOM. Once you crest the climb and enjoy the nice descent, you will head back to the Neokyo lap banner.

Elevation Profile


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – 650XP

Distance – 20.1mi/32.5km

Elevation – 1043ft/318m

Video Recording

Coming soon

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