Zwift Wandering Flats Details

This is one of the longer routes, and one of the only routes that is in both Neokyo and Yumezi. The route has not much climbing, but there is one small climb at the end of route. The route begins in Yumezi, then goes through the contryside to the Neokyo tunnel. On the way there, you’ll take on the country sprint reverse. You will then go through the tower sprint and alley sprint before coming back to Yumezi. The route ends at the Yumezi lap banner. The best bike for this route is the fastest bike for rolling/flat roads.

Elevation Profile


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – N/A

Distance – 15.5 miles/25 kilometers

Elevation – 479ft/146m

3 thoughts on “Zwift Wandering Flats Details

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