Zwift Neokyo Badge Hunt Series

Background Information

Beginning November 29nd, Zwift will be hosting the Neokyo badge hunt series. Similar to what they did with the Yumezi release, but this time with 4 stages, 4 different routes, 4 badges, and some sweet new unlocks.


The biggest thing that is different about the Neokyo edition of the badge hunt series is the unlocks. Riders will unlock different pieces of equipment if they complete a certain percent of the events. The unlocks include a helmet, socks, shoes, and a kit. All of these items are Neokyo themed. Here is a chart of what you unlock at what percent. This event ends on the 19th of December, the 15th through 19th will be make up days, be sure to get your rides in to get the unlocks!

25% – Kit

50% – Shoes

100% – Helmet


Here are the routes that will be in the event.

Sign up

To sign up for the events, you can sign up in the drop in screen or from completing any of the events. For a complete list of the events, head over to this page:

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