Zwift Knickerbocker Reverse Details


This route takes you around New York City, which is a very hilly course, so aero will not be the best option for today. The route goes around the park loop but then goes to the New York Reverse KOM. This KOM is 1.1km at 5.7% average gradient. Once you get to the bottom of the descent, you will hit the next segment, the NYC Sprint. This route goes through three banners each lap, so three power ups each lap you do. The finish is on a slight descent, so lightweight riders are at a disadvantage.

Best bike?

The best bike is likely the Scott Addict RC Disc with the DT Swiss wheels as it is the best all arounder set up and you won’t lose much time on the downhills. The Tron is also a very good option for this course, so if you don’t have the equiption listed above, then the Tron would be another solid option.


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – Event Only

Distance – 14 miles/22.5 kilometers

Lead in – 0.1 miles/0.2 kilometers

Elevation – 1194ft/365m

Video Recording

Coming soon…

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