Zwift Watopia’s Waistband Details


This route is an event only route that is very popular for medium length races. Zwiftinsider orginally created this course as a rebel route, and Zwift soon made it an official event only route! The course goes around the outer area of the main Watopia island. Note that there is no route badge for this route. This route goes through the feugo flats, dirt climb, outer rim of the volcano, and back to the downtown lap banner. The route goes through 2 banners each lap, so two power-ups each lap. Strategy wise I would recommend holding the first power-up you get unless it is a pretty useless one like Burrito or Ghost.

Best bike?

The best bike for this route is definitely the Cervelo S5 2020 with the DT Swiss disc, in other words, your fastest bike that you have for flats/rolling. There really are no hills on this route, and no timed segments that are climbs for those that are racing this in a series like Zwift Racing League.


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – Event Only

Distance – 15.8 miles/25.5 kilometers

Lead in – 1.5 miles/2.4 kilometers

Elevation – 312ft/95m

Video Recording

Coming soon…

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