Tour of Watopia 2022

Tour of Watopia 2022 is coming soon. Tour of Watopia is one of Zwifters favorite events because it features double XP points during the event. This event will be for both runners and cyclists, so runners can join in on the double XP too!

Previous Years

Tour of Watopia has been happening for a few years now, and last years event featured 2 kits. In 2019 there was a race series, but Zwift likely will not be holding races, instead they are fondo like rides where you ride at your own pace. Last year there were two kits, one for people who complete one stage, and another for people who completed all five of the stages. As usual, there will be make up days in the final week of tour. Last years event saw over 1000 riders in most events, so it was really easy to find a group near you. Here are images of the 2020 unlock and 2021.


Registration and full details should be released in the coming month. We already know that the event will be starting in March, and will likely end sometime April or May. This page will likely be updated in the coming months:

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