Lightweight rider getting Anti-Sandbagging DQ? Here’s a Solution

In an article that I wrote a while back, I wrote about lightweight riders getting disqualified from the Anti-Sandbagging tool. To read that article, head to this link:

Crit City Bell Lap

After doing lots of research about the Anti-Sandbagging feature, I found that the Anti-Sandbagging tool is largely based off of 1-5 minute power, which is why you sometimes see riders way above category limits. The Bell Lap does not feature any climbs, so if you hold a pretty steady power, then the Anti-Sandbagging feature likely will not detect your high wpk. This strategy will likely only work for Crit City bell lap, and not downtown dolphin because downtown dolphin has a short hard climb that will impact your 1 minute power. I have tried this 3 times, and so far I have only gotten a DQ once, which was in the final sprint.

Watch this video to see me try and use my strategy, my 5 minute max was pretty low at 4.9 wpk. I did have to do a few surges, but that is expected with attacks, power ups, etc.

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