Zwift Course Calendar

Here is an updated Zwift course calendar for April 2022. This post is updated monthly for the new months schedule. Please note that Watopia is always available as the main world. Note that you can also ride any world you want with the Zwift prefs tool or by world hacking:

April 2022 Zwift Course Schedule

April 1stYorkshire/InnsbruckApril 17thRichmond/London
April 2ndFrance/ParisApril 18thFrance/Paris
April 3rdFrance/ParisApril 19thMakuri Islands/NYC
April 4thFrance/ParisApril 20thMakuri Islands/NYC
April 5thRichmond/LondonApril 21stMakuri Islands/NYC
April 6thRichmond/LondonApril 22ndInnsbruck/Richmond
April 7thRichmond/LondonApril 23rdYorkshire/Innsbruck
April 8thInnsbruck/RichmondApril 24thLondon/Yorkshire
April 9thMakuri Islands/NYCApril 25thLondon/Yorkshire
April 10thMakuri Islands/NYCApril 26thRichmond/London
April 11thMakuri Islands/NYCApril 27thRichmond/London
April 12thLondon/YorkshireApril 28thRichmond/London
April 13thLondon/YorkshireApril 29thFrance/Paris
April 14thLondon/YorkshireApril 30thFrance/Paris
April 15thYorkshire/Innsbruck
April 16thRichmond/London

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