Wahoo Climbing Mission Zwift 2022

The Wahoo climbing mission was announced in a press release back in December of 2021. This mission will mark the return of missions on Zwift! We haven’t seen a mission for awhile now, and Zwifters love challenges and carrots to chase! The goal is to climb 20,000 ft(6,096m) during the challenge. There will be opportunity to win IRL prizes from Wahoo, and in game prizes throughout the challenge.

10,000 ft climbed(3,048m)

If you climb a total of 10,000 ft you will be entered to win a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. You will also unlock the new Wahoo socks.

15,000 climbed(4,572m)

You will be entered to win a Wahoo KOM bundle, which includes a Wahoo Kickr, Wahoo Kickr Climb. You will also unlock the Wahoo cap.

20,000 climbed(6,096m)Challenge complete!

 If you climb 20,000 ft, you will be entered to win a Wahoo KICKR Bike Ultimate Bundle. Which includes the Wahoo KICKR Bike, Wahoo floormat, Wahoo indoor training desk, Wahoo Kickr headwind, and a Wahoo SYSTM Subscription.

The mission will begin on the 24th of January 2022, you can sign up starting on the 17th on the Zwift home screen The challenge will end on the 26th of February. So almost all of February and a week of January to complete the mission.

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