Park Perimeter Loop Zwift Details

This route is one of the flatter routes in New York. Every lap of this route goes through the NY sprint, which is around 8-10 seconds depending on how hard you are going. The route also has a pretty short steep climb, that you should expect to be lots of attacks if racing. One lap of the route takes around 25 minutes while free riding, but around 18 minutes while racing. The best bike for this route is the Venge with the DT Swiss disc wheelset. The Tron is a good choice for this route, but Aero will still beat the Tron.


Strava Segment –

Route Badge XP – 270XP

Distance – 6.1 miles/9.8 kilometers

Elevation – 413ft/126m

Video Recording

Here is a video recording of the final stretch of the route.

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