When and What Will the Next Makuri Islands Expansion Be?

Background information

The Makuri Islands were orginally released in May of 2021, with the goal of being a unique Japanese inspired world. Zwift has said that this world will one day match the size of Watopia, and maybe even be larger than Watopia. The islands started with Yumezi, a tranquil countryside that is pretty flat and calm. Zwift then released the Neokyo expansion in November of 2021, which was supposed to be a vibrant neon city with short punchy climbs here and there. One of the main things that the island is missing is a long climb.

What could it be?

If Zwift were to make a replica of Mt. Fuji, it would be massive, and not many riders would be able to complete the entire climb given that Mt. Fuji is over three times the height of the Alpe(3,400 ft). Zwift definitely will be making a climb, as you can already see it in the background while riding in Yumezi. The chances of Zwift making a Mt. Fuji climb is pretty slim, but I think a route that goes around Mt. Fuji(or Mt. Zuji), and the hillside is very likely.


The Neokyo expansion was released 6 months after the orginal Yumezi was released, but it will likely take longer as Zwift was probably working on Neokyo even before the Yumezi release. It has now been almost 3 months, so it is likely we see another release in around May.

Meanwhile, Zwifters have lots to look forward to in the next few months, with the new home screen starting to release in the next few weeks, and around 10% of users getting clubs every week.

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